The Emerald - $1595.00

7 hours of photography services

This package has the extra time available, possibly for photos of the bride preparing, and more relaxed, slower paced formal portraits which may be at a park or other close location. You can use your 7 hours in any combination you chose. Normally, it's an hour at the wedding, followed by an hour or two for formal photos, followed by a few hours at the reception. The choice is yours, how you use the hours.



Photography during the wedding ceremony

From the seating of the guests to the walk out the door as husband and wife!


Formal portraits after the ceremony

Make sure you allow at least an hour after the ceremony, and before the reception for these very important photos, which typically include images with all the wedding party, mother, father with the bride, bride and groom alone, and several of these combinations.


Complete reception coverage

This includes all the traditional events such as the bride and groom dance, cutting of the cake and the many memorable and unique happenings during your reception.

Video slideshow with up to 50 photos !


Over 250 total images taken during your celebration

Over 250 photos will be taken that day. Depending on the amount of guests, size of wedding party, length of services, and other factors. From those 250, you can choose your 150 free 4x6 prints.


150 4x6 prints for your album.

Your choice of any 150 4x6 prints, includes basic color corrections and cropping.


Two 8 x 10 prints of any photo you choose


One 11 x 14 print & two 5x7 prints


CD and Contact Sheets with all photos for proofing

This is great for you to copy and give to guests, and family members. They may want prints or enlargements of certain photos, or may want to just view them! These are copies of all your photos BEFORE any are corrected, retouched or cropped, and they are all in small jpeg format for easy viewing and e-mail. The Contact sheets consist of approximately 36 photos per sheet.


Additional Print Prices

4x6 = 1.50  /  5x7 = 6.00  /  8x10 = 12.00  /  11x14 = 20.00  /  16x20 = 38.00


Prints include BASIC retouching, such as color correction, cropping,

and blemish removal. Any EXTENSIVE retouching (if it can be done), is at the rate of $40/hour.


Get the original High-Res CD or Negatives for only $150.



» The Emerald

• 7 hours of photography service

• Ceremony Photography

• Formal Wedding Portraits

• Complete Reception Coverage

• 250+ images taken

• 150 4x6 prints for your album.

• Two 8 x 10 Prints

• One 11 x 14 print, two 5x7 prints

• Vido Slideshow with uo to 50 photos

• Full CD and Contact Proofing!

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The Emerald Package

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