When having photos taken, be sure to stand straight and don't lean into the person aside of you. When two people are side by side, they tend to lean towards each other and almost touch heads. This creates an awkward 'triangle' Get close together, and remain straight.



Be sure to look straight ahead at the camera, specifically just above the camera for the best look. Many times people are aware of someone taking their photo and they will tend to look down or away. This does not translate into the best image of you.



When you are aware someone is photographing you, try to move around as little as possible. This is especially true when walking down the aisle of your wedding, whether your the bride or bridesmaid, groom or groomsman or even the flower girl!



Your best angle to be photographed is usually just a little to one side, about halfway between front on and sideways. Never allow yourself, if you can help it to be photographed from straight on, as this will make you look larger. A slight angle, is always best. There will be many times you have no choice, and the photographer will be right in front of you. However on those few times you have a choice and are aware of it, try to make that angle shot.



During a wedding, its a natural reaction to want to get things done and over as fast as possible, there's so many people watching you! This is natural, however to ensure the best photographs, try to slow things down, just a little. For example adding an extra few seconds to cutting the cake or making the kiss last an extra second or two, on the alter will ensure the liklihood of better photos, and possibly time for that one extra shot that could make all the difference! It's YOUR day, so slow it down, just a bit, and savor each exprience.



Many times in banquest halls or restaurants, they will want to bring the lights way down to create a mood or ambiance. This works nice for the hall, but not so great for the photographer, who now has to rely on the flash more than normal. When you are able to, try to have a person monitor the lights in the hall to a 'happy medium'. This will ensure better photos and still satisfy the banquet hall in trying to create their atmosphere. Again, its YOUR day. The 'ambiance' will last for that afternoon, however your photographs are expected to last a lifetime.


7. DJ's and VIDEO

Again this is about lighting. Sometimes DJ's will have strobe or laser lights that are great, however they can sometimes interfere with the photography. If you plan on a DJ with lasers or strobes, or a professional video person, with bright lights, be sure to let your photographer know this well in advance, and be prepared for a portion of your photos to be effected in some way or another by this.



Make sure you allow enough time to have your formal photos done right! Many times trying to get every person in a wedding party to another location can be daunting. This is the one part of your wedding you do NOT want rushed. Allow a little extra time for all of the group and combination photos and to allow every member of the wedding party to assemble, and it will go smooth.

Welcome! Below are some helpful tips for getting the best photography on your wedding day!
Helpful tips for a wonderful wedding!

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